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Thanks for 10 fantastic years of serving the Gulf Islands community as your first and  only marine wildlife tour company.


Between mid-March and mid-October we operate daily, based on weather and on whale/marine wildlife and bird sighting information. Sightings of killer whales vary day to day and generally sightings are greater between April and October.
We belong to a whale spotter network and will provide passengers with the most up to date information prior to departure.

The Gulf islands is a wild place, full of amazing wildlife, inspiring landscapes.It is also a region that's facing growing conservation concerns.   OutDoor Visions is committed to observing federal guidelines with respect to marine mammal and whale viewing. 

Departures are from the Salt Spring Marina with pick ups (on request) available on Galiano,Mayne (Miners Bay) and N.Pender (Port Washington) Islands at no extra cost.

Terms and Conditions
*4 passengers required for tours.

Tours subject to change such as weather,mechanical conditions and whale sightings.Waivers must be signed prior to departure.

Full payment (non refundable) for all private charters is due one week prior to departure.

Please dress for the day,we provide full length cruiser/flotation suits,gloves and binoculars.There is a marine toilet on board for emergencies.

We are the only open 12 passenger zodiac based on Salt Spring Island and proud to serve the Gulf Islands community.

Member since 2006

 The Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce
 The Galiano Island Chamber of Commerce

*Our departure times will vary based on direction and movements of wildlife to offer maximum viewing times. 

On our tour programs the destination is WILDLIFE! And since the locations of many animals are determined by the tides, weather, time of day, breeding cycles and food supply, we do not confine our journeys to one particular route. The speed and maneuverability of our specially-built vessel, and the daily observations of our crew, make a tour with OutDoor Visions the best way to experience the nature and splendor of Gulf Islands. Every journey truly is unique. 

We recommend binoculars and zoom lenses for cameras.

Marine Wildlife Guidelines

  1. BE CAUTIOUS and COURTEOUS: approach areas of known or suspected marine wildlife activity with extreme caution. Look in all directions before planning your approach or departure.
  2. SLOW DOWN: reduce speed to less than 7 knots when within 400 metres/yards of the nearest whale. Avoid abrupt course changes.
  3. KEEP CLEAR of the whales’ path. If whales are approaching you, cautiously move out of the way.

Our location,


Feb. 26,2015

BABY BOOM! New orca calf spotted in L pod

Baby boom! A third baby orca born to the southern resident population. Spotted by NOAA’s Brad Hanson, this new calf born in the past several days, to mother L94 of L pod.

Editorial: A small reminder about working toward orca recovery

The newborn Puget Sound southern resident orca born emphasizes the need for humans to do more to help killer whale recovery.

Seattle Times Editorial


THE birth of a new orca calf in the Salish Sea is cause for celebration. But this happy news should also serve as a reminder that aggressive steps must be taken to protect this endangered icon of the Pacific Northwest.
For decades, killer whale populations have suffered from marine park captures, pollution and a steep decline in their preferred food source — chinook salmon. Current estimates place the total number of Puget Sound southern resident orcas at just 78. That’s down from the 99 whales counted in 1995.
The new arrival to the J-pod, spotted this week, shows that the orcas are doing their part to survive. Human actions, which have threatened killer whales’ existence, must help them.
Although much remains to be learned about these distinctive marine mammals, the government’s decision to place them on the U.S. Endangered Species list 10 years ago was an important first step toward orca recovery.
Requiring marine vessels to keep greater distances from the whales would be a strong second. Currently they must stay 200 yards away from orcas.
Officials should also consider reducing chinook fishing — already down about 30 percent under agreements between the U.S. and Canada — to help restore salmon and orca numbers. Tribes who have treaty rights to fish have an important role here as well. Having dropped to about 10 percent of their historic population high, chinook are also listed as an endangered species.
But the most daunting challenge to a successful killer whale comeback is reducing land development around estuaries, floodplains and areas draining into chinook-occupied rivers. Controlling stormwater runoff into Puget Sound, which affects the orca food chain, is also vital.
This newborn’s birth is an important moment for orcas. Joining another calf born to the L-pod in September,the newborn’s presence bucks the whales’ downward population spiral and is a vital gain for a species struggling to survive.
Their human neighbors must do more to help them.
Editorial board members are editorial page editor Kate Riley, Frank A. Blethen, Ryan Blethen, Mark Higgins, Jonathan Martin, Thanh Tan, Blanca Torres, Robert J. Vickers, William K. Blethen (emeritus) and Robert C. Blethen (emeritus).



THE SALT SPRING  DRIFTWOOD,APRIL 7 2012:Freya Laughton sent in this photo of orcas in Ganges Harbour taken while on an Outdoor Visions/Gulf Island Safaris excursion.

We took this amazing group of cyclists to Saturna Island on our zodiac,do you have a group charter idea?

Buy this poster'

'Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea' Poster illustrated by Uko Gorter

Transient Killer Whales, May  2015,Susan Batchelor

Humpback 'Big Mamma" near Salt Spring,May 2105 Photo by Dale Mierau

July 27,2014,near Salt Spring,Ian Gidney
                      Customer photos- Bob Cummings,July 28,2014

Ask about our "day off" the island,

Great for hikers,cyclist or photography groups....

Your group can explore the Gulf Islands 

.........or enjoy a picnic on a nearby island

Unusual shot of a Transient whale breaching,near 
Thetis Island
Customer photo,Sonali Garland,July 2013


Cruising the Islands!
CONTACT US 250 538 7188===== 1 888 656 9878 (toll free)

-Dall's Porpoise Bow Riding
250 538 7188 or 1 888 656 9878 (toll free)

 Whales off Salt Spring/Galiano
250 538 7188 or 1 888 656 9878 (toll free)
Whales off Salt Spring/Galiano
 250 538 7188 or 1 888 656 9878 (toll free)
Customer photos
                                                            September 2013

                                                       Laura Matthias May,2014 (zoom lens)

Douglas K. Fryett-( Extreme zoom lens shots!) August 2013

Susan Batchelor Oct. 2013

 Leslie Paul July 2012

<The Gulf Islands is among National Geographic's top coastlines Region is one of four from Canada on the coastal destinations list, seventh overall in the world; Postmedia News October 23, 2010 The Gulf Islands are among the four Canadian areas named to National Geographic Traveler's "top rated" category in a list of the world's 99 best coastal destinations -- they're in seventh place, with 78 points of a possible 100.


-2 x 225 hp Yamaha
-thermal cruiser suits provided
-dry storage
-comfortable seating
-bathroom onboard

Under certain weather conditions Zodiac travel is not recommended for people with back pain,for children under 4 or expectant mothers.All participants must sign a waiver before departure.


Group ideas:

Marine Wildlife,Saturna Island Vineyard Tour -$129pp+tax (Approx. 4.5 hours)

Gulf Island Bike or Hike drop off/pick up -$119pp+tax

Student or group tours with micro-marine biologist onboard to discuss and show, with a mobile lab, the smaller life in the water!

Visit the Pubs,Vineyards or restaurants of the Southern Gulf Islands,we can arrange a group outing with 4 or 5 stops.A great way to sample the Islands and meet the locals!

Group Tour Ideas

-Visit a winery-Saturna Island,Salt Spring Island and Pender Island
-Visit Butchart Gardens,available from all islands
-Salt Spring Saturday Market
-Dining out tours
-hiking tours
-whale watching/marine wildlife tours
-biking tours

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